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The Transfiguration

Instructor: C. Dugat

1 2 3
  7 8    
  9             10  

4.where The Transfiguration is now housed (2 Words)
6.In the lower part, he shows the ___ attempting to free the possessed boy of his "demonic" possession.
9.The artist
11.A ___ copy of the painting was installed in St. Peter's Basilica in 1774.
1.The philosopher ___ interpreted the painting in his book The Birth of Tragedy.
2.The composition is divided in two distinct parts, relating to successive episodes of the Gospel of ___.
3.His pupil believed to have completed The Transfiguration (2 Words)
5.Raphael's Transfiguration can be considered a precursor to ___ painting as evidenced by the dramatic tension imbued within the figures.
7.taken by French troops to ___ in 1797
8.The focal point of to the viewer is the Baroque styled ___ and his guarding father.
10.believed to be a connection between ___ and his people

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