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Mr. Meyer

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1 2 3
4       5               6 7
  8     9                   10
  11     12         13
            14 15            
16             17              
        18                       19    
21             22   23 24        
26     27              
            32   33
34                           35   36                  
38 39                                
    40                 41  
    44 45                  
46                           47       48            
49               50              

4.The Counsel to the President during the Watergate affair.
5.The author of "All the President's Men.
9.An organized movement to create a particular public opinion.
15.A Watergate burglar/celebrity
16.A government of the people, by the people, for the people
18.Clinton's public confessional.
20.The final nail in President Nixon's political coffin.
21.Who said "I'd rather have newspapers without a government then a government without newspapers "
25.The totality of beliefs, behavior, mores and folkways of a certain group of people.
27.The Supreme Court case that ruled that a woman has a constitutional right to an abortion
28.Used newspapers to spread their ideas
29.Ted Turners contribution to the global Village.
31.The act of attempting to or hinder a criminal investigation.
32.The host of the Fire Side Chats.
34.Documented proof that the government deceived the people during the Vietnam War.
36.What political strategists set their clock by
37.What the Borg did to Captain Picard.
38.First ten amendments to the US Constitution .
40.Newest style of reporting on wars.
42.The superficial connection between Nixon and Monica Lewinsky.
43.The "television war".
45.Often sacrificed in the New Media.
46.Legally settled the abortion issue in 1973.
47.Helps to ensure everyone is held to the same standard in our legal system
49.Everyday habits that help us merge with our surrounding culture.
50.Public support of an elected official
1.CNN, MSNBC, e-mail, Chatrooms, and the Internet areas a whole.
2.The Type of reporting that went on during the Gulf War.
3.Sparked the Renaissance
6.Saved President Nixon from a felony conviction .
7.Age of Reason
8.The most insidious of our lowest common denominators.
10.Inevitable bias and prejudice that one's own culture is the best.
11.Hold most of the power in an adversarial system of justice.
12.Op-ed columnist for the New York Times
13.A byproduct of the New Media.
14.Probably the most influential socialization agent for adults.
17.Globalization 2.0 involved competition between what?
19.Using a combination of Biography and History to understand our societies problems.
22.The procuring of parts or services from an outside supplier to cut costs or obtain a better service, they are from outside the country.
23.A special interest group that promotes abortion rights for woman
24.The sense that we can see and hear events anywhere in the world, as it happens, and so can feel more connected to other places.
26.A leader first and a politician second.
30.A subculture that tries to influence the dominant culture.
33.Core issue in the Watergate mess.
35.Has our authority to to translate the meaning of the Constitution.
39.The winner in our Judeo-Christian society.
41.Who's best weapon is a large checkbook.
44.The watchdogs of the Democracy.
48.A special interest group organized by politicians.

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