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3.Which of Newton's laws say that objects at rest stay at rest?
4.Weight equals mass times _____________.
8.In a free fall, velocity equals gravity X __________.
9.Momentum is measured in kilogram meters/ _________.
14.The velocity reached when gravity equals friction is called ___________ velocity.
15.When there is more force on one side of an object than another it is said to be
18.A force that goes against motion
22.Which type of forces are acting between magnets?
23.The bonds between all parts of an atom are called ________ nuclear forces.
24.____________ motion is the motion that objects go through when flying through the air
25.The four forces which exist everywhere throughout the universe are called ________ forces.
26.Force equals what times acceleration?
27.The type of friction that occurs when you try to stop a moving car
1.Acceleration is measured in ___________/ second/second.
2.Mass is the amount of _________something has.
3.The type of friction swimmers encounter in the water
5.Momentum equals mass times _______________.
6.Any push or pull
7.Which of Newton's laws say that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction
9.The type of fricition which occurs when you pull a sled across the snow
10.Which of Newton's laws say that Force=Mass X Acceleration
11.Which is the weakest of the four universal forces?
12.When forces acting on an object on both sides are equal it is said to be
13.The tendency of objects at rest to want to remain at rest
16.What is weight measured in?
17.What is measured in m/s/s?
19.The tendency of objects in motion to want to continue moving
20.When objects are falling freely in the air they are considered to be in a ________________.
21.The strongest universal forces are called strong_________ forces
24.Momentum is represented by which letter?

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