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Microbiology Crossword Puzzle

Nicole Wood

1 2 3 4
  5   6    
8                     9                    
        10   11 12
        13                           14
17       18           19  
  20           21                  
24 25           26                    

8.Uses solar energy as their energy source
9.Prefer to grow in a pH of less than 7.0
13.Requires minute amounts of oxygen and die if there is too much
16.Cannot use oxygen to grow, grows by fermentation
17.There are _______ steps to the Gram stain
20.During this phase cell growth slows and the population stabilizes
22.Also called spontaneous generation
24.Anaerobic respiration may also be called ________
27.A drug that inhibits or kills bacteria
29.The most deadly substance to man
30.Caused by the variola virus
1.Most pathogens fit into this category of temperature requirements
2.________ selects for gram negative bacteria and is a differential media
3._______ viruses have no envelope
4.Aerobic respiration requires ________
5.Caused by Yersinia pestis, also called "black death"
6.Three basic shapes of bacteria are bacilli, cocci, and _______
7.________ cells have a thick peptidoglycan layer
10.Most bacteria reproduce by ________
11._______ means it has carbon and hydrogen in it
12.Refers to increase in the size of colony, not cells
14.The primary dye used in acid-fast staining
15.To _______ while doing a Gram stain you use acetone/alcohol
18.Enzymes are made up of ________
19.The bacterium has 1 or more flagella at each end of the cell
21._______ staining uses an acidic dye to stain the background
23.Acid fast stains identify Mycobacterium and __________
25._______ media has extra vitamins, blood serum, or animal parts added
26.The most important factor to reduce contamination while making a pure culture
28.Gram negative cells stain this color

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