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Art Crossword

Heather S.

1 2   3     4  
5 6 7   8          
    11     12                
14       15            
          16 17 18                    
      21 22                  
23                         24  
25                 26     27                          
    28                   29          
  30                       31 32     33
  35 36                         37                  
  38       39
  40 41          
42           43                  
    45                 46  
  48                 49    
        50 51
52                     53 54          

2.a feeling of equality in weight, attention, or attraction of the various elements within a composition as a means of accomplishing unity.
6.to make tense, tighten or stress; for example when objects touch the edge of a page
9.The color you achieve from mixing 2 colors opposite one another on the color wheel
10.A mathematically precise shape such as a circle, square, triangle, or oval
11.a specific area, element or principle that dominates a work of art; the area in a work which the eye is most compellingly drawn. The viewer's eye is usually drawn there first.
13.A method of creating an optical illusion that combines overlapping vertical and horizontal lines
14.art that looks as if it contains little or no recognizable or realistic forms from the physical world. Focus is on formal elements such as colors, lines, or shapes
18.a work done with extraordinary skill, especially a work of art, craft or intellect that is an exceptionally great achievement.
19.A shape found in nature
20.a practitioner in the arts, generally recognized as a professional by critics and peers
22.Colors side by side on the color wheel
23.Another name for Op Art
25.the art technique where an artist employs different types of physical materials such as ink and pastel or painting and collage etc. and combines them in a single work
27.A theoretical point in space where objects seem to vanish or disappear
28.A method of creating an optical illusion; combines railroad tracks with straight lines
29.Areas around, above, or between components; positive or negative
30.A father of Op Art
34.The name of a color
36.Known for black and white linear works which make the plane vibrate or billow
37.The size of an object in relation to something else
42.The art material that is used in a work of art such as clay, paint or pencil.
43.the act of representing an image on a surface by means of adding lines and shades, as with a pencil, crayon, pen, chalk, pastels, etc. Also refers to an illustration that has been drawn by hand
44.art created for purely aesthetic expression, communication, or contemplation. Painting and sculpture are the best known
45.Red, yellow, orange
47.1960s Art Movement that focused on popular culture
48.The light area in the artwork
52.Using dots to create a large range of values
54.a continuance, a flow, or a feeling of movement achieved by the repetition or regulated visual units
55.A small, quickly drawn sketch or rough draft
56.when one side of something balances out the other side
57.First called kinetic art (art which moves)
1.An element of art, such as you would see in a sculpture that has three dimensions
3.Connecting lines to a vanishing point; closer objects appear larger; far away objects appear smaller
4.What the eye sees when light is reflected off an object
5.a painting, photograph, or other artistic representation of a person
7.A public showing of a piece or a collection of objects. Also called an exhibit
8.a rough drawing used to capture the basic elements and structure of a situation often used as the basis for a more detailed work
9.A target created in the middle of the artwork; distracts the viewer from looking at the rest of the piece
12.An illusion you see after staring at a picture for an extended amount of time then looking at a blank wall
15.A paper that is used for grading purposes; lists specific criteria for an assignment or project
16.An art and design principle concerned with the arrangement of one or more elements in a work of art so that they appear symmetrical (even) or asymmetrical (uneven) in design and proportion
17.The space above, below, around or in between objects
21.Colors across from each other on the color wheel; red and green; yellow and purple; blue and orange
24.Green, blue, purple
25.Areas that appear medium gray in the artwork
26.The product of human creativity; affects the senses and emotions
29.a picture or image that tells a story of what it is without using words
31.The process of making areas darker or lighter by adding highlights and shadows
32.a series of repeated elements having similarity
33.To judge the strength and weakness of your artwork
35.The lightness or darkness of a hue
38.A gradual transition from light to dark
39.creates the feeling of an object
40.The path of a moving point
41.the stress placed on a single area of a work or a unifying visual theme
46.Green, purple, orange
49.as it applies to art, the path that our eyes follow when we look at a work of art
51.The dark area in the artwork
53.the mass of three-dimensional shapes in space

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