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1 2                         3     4
  9                         10          
11           12 13   14            
          15 16            
21                       22
24                   25              
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28                 29
31                                 32                

2.I am turned-off by people who are motivated by this type of bias.
5.One thing my friends would tell you that I find most annoying in other people, and that I am certainly NOT.
6.I am hoping that __________ __________ helps me through the presentation of this crossword puzzle.
7.I consider myself to be this personality type.
9.My favorite hobby.
10.My favorite color
11.Something that I could not live without.
14.I feel that I have more of this than the average person.
16.Trait I find most valuable in a friend.
17.I plan to adopt this method of thinking in order to relieve stress.
19.I practice this behavior style.
20.By using this method of comparison, I am often too hard on myself.
21.Growing up, this type of stress was commonplace.
23.One of my future goals is also one of my biggest fears.
24.The study of _________ has made me realize that the verbal message I am often trying to send is not what is being received.
26.What aspect of a relationship is most important to me.
27.When I have time to read, I enjoy this genre.
28.Individuals who rely on the primary effect to form their initial judgements tend to view me as __________.
31.To alleviate stress I like to __________.
32.I tend to believe the best of people, even when I should not. This often leaves me feeling ___________.
33.The name of my cat
34.I feel that my ___________ _______________ allows me to relate better to other people and has contributed to my ability to be a more valuable friend.
1.By allowing myself to overthink, it is common for me to experience this type of anxiety.
2.I tend to practice this method of responding.
3.I often find that this filter keeps me from being able to fully consider other people's perspectives.
4.I am very passionate about my future profession.
8.Something I wish I had more of.
12.I feel that my development, up to this point, corresponds best with this psychologist's eight stages of development.
13.My belief in this type of control has allowed me to achieve despite challenges I have faced.
15.Area of the brain that is used to solve crossword puzzles.
17.This is the easiest aspect of a relationship for me.
18.Adjective used most often to describe me.
22.Something I have absolutely no tolerance for.
25.Along with 50% of the population, I too would describe myself as this when out of my element.
29.I could not start my day without _________.
30.I value this most.

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