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UNIT A - 2.0 Vocabulary Puzzle

Daniel Niklas

Please complete the crossword puzzle below.

1   2                                   3
5   6    
7       8   9  
11         12                            
16                   17
18         19                  

1.Criticism that is presented in a way that can help you learn and grow.
4.Variety; the positive result of people in different racial, ethic, and cultural backgrounds working together.
11.Any unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature.
14.A group of people who work together to set goals, make decisions, solve problems, and put ideas into action.
15.A problem-solving strategy for settling disputes.
16.The principles of conduct that govern a group or society.
18.The ability to say and do things in a way that will not offend another person.
19.Being on time.
21.Gave the government a strong legal tool to prevent job discrimination; paved the way for equal employment opportunity.
22.An informal correspondence written within an organization.
23.Skills that promote relationships with other people.
25.Unequal treatment based on such factors as race, religion, nationality, gender, age, or physical appearance.
26.A listener’s response that tells a sender that the message is understood.
27.Doing the things necessary to build a better career.
28.An oversimplified and distorted belief about a person or group.
2.Communicating without the use of words.
3.To act as an intermediary; to work with opposing sides in order to resolve a conflict.
4.Putting up an emotional guard against negative opinion.
5.Willingness to take credit and blame for actions.
6.Handling problems and criticism gracefully and maturely.
7.Following a strict code of conduct or standard of values.
8.Doing what needs to be done and doing it without being told.
9.A group of people form one department or area working together.
10.Having good manners in your dealing with people.
12.Inspiring and influencing others.
13.A group of people from different departments or areas working together.
17.Training of oneself; correction or regulation of oneself for improvement.
20.Not constructive or helpful.
21.A clash between hostile or opposing elements, ideas or forces.
24.Communicating with words.

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