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Review for US Constitution Test

Marcia Bedard

This review should help you prepare for the US Constitution Test. Use Chapters 5-7 of your text to help you with the answers.

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2.the art of interacting with foreign governments
6.the president can reject a bill, when Congress is not in session, by not signing it
7.a citizen cannot be punished for a crime until the law has been fairly applied to his or her case
10.has 435 members
12.freedom of the__________ is the right to express your ideas in writing
14."talking a bill to death"
15.smaller groups, where most of the work of Congress is done
17.amendment that prevents the government from quartering soldiers in your home during peacetime
19.rule of conduct
26.government's power to take a citzen's private property for public use
27.this person persuades members to vote for party sponsered legislation
28.a proposed law
29.means the right to vote
30.explains or interprets the laws
35.have the power to make rules and bring violators to court
40.region of farms and small towns
41.means distributed, this is done after the census
43.presiding officer of the House
48.bill that must be approved by the voters to become law
49.the "necessary and proper" clause, allows Congress to stretch its' delegated powers
50.amendment that protects you from self-incrimination
1.written false statements that damage another person's reputation
3.represents US commercial interests in foreign countries
4.majority of the members
5.the branch that makes the laws
8.the order in which the office of the president is filled
9.a system in which powers of government are limited, so that each branch can limit the power of other branches
11.private meetings in which party members of each house choose their leaders
12.commander in chief of the armed forces
13.formed by the highest ranking military officers of the Army, Navy, and Air Force
16.amendment guarantees the accused a trial by a jury of your peers
18.legal protection for members of Congress when they travel to and from a meeting in Congress
20.the head of the justice department
21."_______________ ____ _____________"punishment is forbidden by the eighth amendment
22.making a list of charges in the House
23.guides the party's proposed law through Congress
24.presides over the senate when the vice-president is absent
25.type of lawmaking body--with two houses
29.a permanent committee
31.includes administrators, lawyers, doctors, engineers, secretaries, and clerks who perform the work of the executive branch
32.forbids the government from establishing a national religion
33.according to the constitution on ______________ can declare war
34.means being tried for the same crime twice
36.the people in the legislator's home district
37.written agreements with other countries
38.the amendment that set a two term limit to the presidency
39.a formal document that allows US citizens to travel abroad
44.an act that endangers or betray's ones country
45.the official residence and offices of an ambassador
46.amendment that protects you from unreasonable search and seizure
47.has 100 members

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