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Infancy and Childhood

Cassandra H.

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1.___ parents show great deal of affection towards children vs. ___ parents don't appear to enjoy their children very much.
5.Like a staircase
8.The value or worth that people attach to themselves.
12.Beginning to show signs of adult thinking. Logical only when they think about specific objects and not about abstract ideas. Starts at about age 7.
14.The process by which some animals form immediate attachments during a critical period.___ parents show great deal of affection towards children vs. ___ parents don't appear to enjoy their children very much.
16.Involuntary reaction/response
23.Parents show their love only when their children behave in certain acceptable ways.
25.Stage or point in development during which a person/animal is best suited to learn a particular skill/behavior pattern.
26.This type of parent combines warmth with positive kinds of strictness.Children are often more independent and achievement oriented.
28.The process by which new information is placed into categories that already exist.
29.Children base their judgments on the consequences of behavior.
30.The inability to see another person's point of view.
2.Infants cry or act in distress if/when their mothers leave them.
3.The understanding that objects exist even when they cannot be seen or touched.
4.Reasoning based on a person's own moral standards of goodness.
5.By about eight months some infants develop a fear of strangers. Infants cry and reach for parents
6.This type of parent believe in obedience for its own sake. They have strict guidelines and expect their children to follow without question.
7.Emotional ties that form between people
9.Automatic and sequential process of developmental that results from genetic signals.
10.Parents love and accept their children for who they are - no matter how they behave.
11.People think abstractly. They realize that ideas can be compared and classified mentally just as objects can. Starts at about the age of puberty.
12.Failure to give a child adequate food, shelter, clothing, emotional support, or schooling.
13.People make judgments in terms of whether an act conforms to conventional standards of right and wrong.
17.A change brought about because of new information.
18.Starts at a little after 2 years old.Children start to use words and symbols(language) to represent objects.
19.Field in which psychologists study how people grow and change throughout the life span.
20.Refers to the physical assault of a child.
21.The first stage of cognitive development. Characterized mainly by learning to coordinate sensation and perception with motor activity. Infant- 2 years old.
22.Instinctual need to touch and be touched by something soft such as skin/fur.
24.Like an inclined plane

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