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Environmental Science Merit Badge Terms

Rita Charlesworth

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1.The physical place where an organism lives out its life.
4.An abandoned piece of commercial or industrial land that is contaminated by a hazardous substance
8.Has so few individual survivors left that it could become extinct. (2 Words)
9.All parts of Earth where life exists, either on land, in water, or in the air.
12.Pollutants such as fertilizers and pesticides that enter our water system from runoff, because the pollution source cannot be traced to a single identifiable point (2 Words)
13.Produces electricity through a chemical reaction, like between hydrogen and oxygen produces electricity through a chemical reaction, like between hydrogen and oxygen (2 Words)
14.Uses two different sources to produce energy, usually a small gas-powered engine and an electric motor with a special battery (2 Words)
15.The region draining into a river, river system or other body of water
17.All of the individuals of the same species that live and interact with one another in the same place at the same time.
18.No longer exists. All the individuals have died and the species has disappeared from Earth.
19.All of the interacting populations in an environment.
2.Declining in numbers in the wild and are likely to become endangered. (2 Words)
3.You can practice it by walking, biking or using TriMet (2 Words)
5.The way in which a particular species or individual organism fits in a community, including the way it feels, the space it takes up, how it reproduces, and how it interacts with non living factors.
6.A community of organisms and their environment, all working together as a natural unit.
7.The close association between two or more organisms of different species.
10.O3, a gas that forms in the stratosphere that screens out ultraviolet radiation
11.The careful, planned management of a natural resource to preserve and protect it.
16.An area that, due to geography, weather patterns, and climate, shares the same air.

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