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Weather Unit Vocabulary Words

Bianca Desai

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3.A front where warm air moves in over a cold air mass.
6.When air is heated over land,moves towards ocean,cools off and pushes back to land.
7.The slow changing of a liquid into a gas.
9.What the lower Atmosphere is like at any given place and time.
10.Any form of water particles.
13.A circular pattern of air rising,air sinking,and wind.
17.The amount of the sun's energy that reaches Earth at a given time and place.
22.A puffy cloud that appears to rise up from a flat bottom.
24.The layer of the the Atmosphere closest to Earth's surface.
26.The flow of heat through a liquid or a gas causing hot parts to rise and cooler parts to sink.
1.Water in the form of gas.
2.The smallest unit of living matter.
4.The force put on a given area by the weight of the air above it.
5.A boundary between air masses with diffrent tempatures.
8.Occurs when air is heated over sea,moves towards land,cools off and pushes back to sea.
11.A comparison between how much the air can hold at a given tempature if it were full.
12.A cloud that forms into a blanket-like layer.
13.The curving of a path of a moving object caused by Earth's rotation.
14.A high altitude cloud with a feather-like shape made of ice crysyals.
15.A cloud at ground level.
16.The changing og a gas into a liquid.
18.The amount of water vapor in the air.
19.A large region of the Atmosphere where the air has similar propertites throughout.
20.The blanket of gases that surrounds Earth.
21.A line on a weather map connecting place with equal air pressure.
22.A front where cold air moves in under a warm air mass.
23.A device for measuring air pressure.
25.Air that moves horizontally.

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