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Ancient Egypt

Max Witkowski

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3.Ramses II made a peace treaty with a group called the _______.
4.ruler of Egypt, considered a child of gods
6.The time period following the Middle Kingdom (2 Words)
7.King of Kush who conquered Egypt, became pharaoh, and united Egypt and Kush
9.picture writing that stood for sounds
11.fertile soil
12.Disunity, war, and invasions ended the __________. (2 Words)
15.The boy pharaoh, ___________, made Egypt polytheistic again.
17.Egyptians believed in a happy _________.
18.people who robbed precious items from tombs (2 Words)
19.these birds flew from the south before the flood of the Nile
20.______ had the Great Pyramid built in his honor.
22.The world's longest river, flows north
23.High waterfalls or rapids were called _______.
24.The land that the Egyptians lived on
27.large, stone structure built over a tomb
28.to preserve a dead body is to _______.
30.group of Egyptians that invaded Egypt
32.King ______ had the first step pyramid built.
1.paper-like material that was written on
2.______ united Upper and Lower Egypt.
3.the first woman pharaoh
5.The rise of Mentuhotep II began the _____________. (2 Words)
8.belief in many gods and goddesses
10._______ ruled Egypt for 66 years. (2 Words)
13.four sided pillar with a pyramid shaped top
14.family or group that rules for several generations
16.Pharaoh who made Egypt monotheistic.
21.The desert area on the other side of the Nile
25.The god ________ weighed a dead person's heart.
26.______ were people who wrote.
29.an embalmed body
31.Nubian kingdom that conquered Egypt after the New Kingdom

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