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Musical Crossword

C Firth

1 2
3                 4
  5                   6   7    
  8     9             10  
12         13            
15 16       17      
18           19                
    21     22   23      
24                 25 26
    27   28          

3.The lowest female singing voice
5.Welsh music and performance festival
6.A festive song
8.World famous hungarian choir
12.Leonard _____, Hallelujah's composer
13.The highest female voice
17.Music for two vocalists
18.Royal ______ Hall
19.Singing without accompaniment (1,7)
20.A song of praise
21.Musical director
24.Musical speed
27.Notes played in sequence
29.A unit of musical rhythm
30.The_____, a classical music festival
1.The deepest of all singing parts
2.Walking in a winter...
3.Music written for chorus and orchestra
4.A method of musical education
7.British choral composer
9.The science of sound
10.Handel's famous oratorio
11.A symbol to play loud
14.An early type of choral chant
15.______shop, a type of choral quartet
16.Voice between alto and soprano
22.Reg _______, Elton's real name
23.Singer of White Christmas Bing ______
25.Silent _____
26.Notes played simultaneously
28.A musical sentence

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