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Weezing Crossword Puzzle

Wouldn't You Like To Know?

A crossword puzzle to test your knowledge of the Pokémon Weezing.

1 2 3          
6             7      
8           9
  10 11                    
13 14 15                

2.Weezing learns two Psychic-type moves by breeding: Psywave and this.
4.The level at which Koffing can first evolve into Weezing.
6.In Black and White versions, Weezing will no longer be able to learn this Dark-type move from a TM.
8.The number of heads a Weezing has.
10.In FireRed and LeafGreen, Weezing and Koffing were the only Pokémon that could learn TMs but couldn't learn this from the move tutor.
12.A TM can teach this Fire-type move to Weezing.
15.Outside of Rest, the only move Weezing can use to recover HP.
16.Weezing's type.
18.In Pokémon Crystal, Weezing can be found in the wild here.
19.Gases emanating from this are considered by Weezing to be the ultimate feast.
1.A TM can teach this Ghost-type move to Weezing.
3.The pattern a Weezing has below the face on its largest head.
5.A TM can teach this Electric-type move to Weezing.
7.The total number of teeth a Weezing is generally shown to have in total.
9.Weezing's ability.
11.The number of Weezing other than James's that has appeared in the anime.
13.It was revealed at some point in the Pokémon anime that James had intended to teach his Weezing this move.
14.Weezing couldn't learn this Poison-type move until Gold and Silver, although it's existed since the beginning.
17.In the Pokémon anime, Weezing was often seen alongside this other Poison-type.

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