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Ollie The Anteater

Teresa Fristoe

Crossword puzzle using key characters and events in the book, Ollie the Anteater Saves the Day

3 4        
7   8
9                     10
  12 13        
16                 17   18

2.How Ken got the money for his pet
4.Read about Ollie in the newspaper
5.Person who named Ollie as Student of the Week
6.Old name of city park
9.place where Ollie was born
14.Name of Ollie's new friend
15.The name of the main character
16.The new name of Ken's team
17.Number of days to eat ants at city park
19.Type of stand Ken used for his business
1.The name of Ken's teacher
3.School playground equipment
7.The pet Ken had saved up for
8.Game played on Ken's block
9.The reason Ollie was invited to school
10.Written about Ollie
11.Hired Ollie to save town picnic
12.Ollie's favorite kind of ant
13.The type of sport played by Ken's team
18.The number of days for Ollie to eat ants at new home

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