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Small Animal Care - Amphibians & Reptiles


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1.eel-like amphibians that live in freshwater in southern central USA
3.order worm-like amphibians also called caecilians
9.adaptations on geckos toes to allow them to climb almost anything
10.a dull, white amphibian with red, feathery external gills; found in underground lakes
11.animals that are most active at twilight hours
13.order of lizards and iguanas
18.a capsule containing sperm deposited by male amphibians
19.nice and tasty turtles found in fresh and brackish waters
22.animals that retain their eggs and give birth to live babies
24.frogs, toads, and newts; critters that live in water and on land
27.common turtles found in the wild here that should not be caught and used as a pet
30.order newts and salamanders
31.reptiles that retain their young within their bodies in a preplacenta sac
33.hard plates on a turtle's shell
35.lower part of a turtle's shell
36.membranes of snakes that detects vibrations
37.small amphibians similar to salamanders
38.cage for keeping land animals
2.order of snakes
4.physical changes that amphibians go through from birth to adults
5.process that allows amphibians to breath through their skin
6.Congo eels; found in the Southern USA in muddy, swampy areas
7.the hard shell of a turtle that forms part of the ribs and verterbrae
8.chamber where the digestive and urinary tracts empty; also where reproductive tracts of amphibians are located
12.Reptiles similar to alligators and crocodiles, found in South America
14.order of alligators, caimen, and crocodiles
15.worm-like amphibians that don't have limbs and normally blind
16.incubation of eggs
17.the distinguishing traits between male and female species
20.a modified cloaca in certain male reptiles
21.egg-laying animals
23.living in trees
25.aka: Chelonia order
26.a snake must do this in order to be able to reproduce
28.helmet-type structure on some reptile's head
31.an environmentally controlled cage that is as close as possible to the wild, natural living conditions of reptiles
32.order of frogs and toads
34.clear protective layering of a snake's eyes

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