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Survey Terminology Too


More words used by Surveyors

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2.information marker
4.point of known elevation
8.to make level
9.combination of theodolite and distance meter
12.point of known chainage
13.download data from the data collector
17.station marker
18.instrument for turning angles
20.known distance from beginning point
21.electromagnetic distance measurement device
24.minus rod reading
25.43,560 square feet
26.a series of lines connecting a number of points, often used as a base for triangulation
28.10,000 square meters or 2.471 acres
30.prism pole
31.unit of length = to 40 poles
33.straight line connectingthe end points of an arc
36.double zeros
38.can support a horse or cow for one year
39.unit of length = 7.92 inches
40.foresight used to carry survey forward
41.depth of material to be placed
1.difference between magnetic north and true north
3.the zero end of a measuring tape
5.depth of material to be removed
6.true bearing
7.parallel to the horizon or level
10.closure error
11.global positioning system
14.measurement above or below mean sea level
15.distance from the work to a reference point
16.a permanently placed survey marker
19.plus rod reading
22.method of plumbing the rod
23.perpendicular to the horizon
27.measure distance with an EDM
29.calibrated measuring stick
32.the slope of a line in reference to a horizontal plane
33.used for measuring long distances
34.survey instrument
35.to raise the rod a set amount
37.parallel to the plane of the horizon

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