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Dream A Little Dream Of Me

by duchovlet

Crossword for GREY'S ANATOMY episode "Dream A Little Dream Of Me" in which Owen Hunt first appeared.

1 2
4       5
  7   8          
  10                       11    
    12 13           14    
  15               16          

6.Webber called this place for a reference on Owen.
8.Owen was home on this.
9.The 3 couples were going to this party.
10.Owen made this out of something that had exploded.
13.Body part Owen injured in car accident.
14.Owen trached a guy with this.
15.These are how you learn.
16.This exploded, but Owen still made use of it.
17.New, experimental treatment Owen suggests for paralyzed man.
1.Owen called Cristina this when they first met.
2.Cristina didn't give Owen permission to remove this.
3.Cristina's first comment or reaction to meeting Owen.
4.Where Owen & Cristina first kissed.
5.Owen was wearing this when he and Cristina first met.
7.Song that played when Owen first kisses Cristina.
11.Type of vehicle that collided with Owen's.
12.Remedy for Owen's injury in car accident.

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