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Louise Lowery

2 3                    
  5   6
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    10     11 12

3.fostering a desire to buy products and services
4.Cultures based around a shared taste in music (2 Words)
7.Buying and mixing styles from a range of subcultures (3 Words)
9.It is associated with the replacement of traditional society. Modernity is identified with a belief in rationality and the triumph of truth and science.
13.conforming or adhering to accepted standards.
15.A loose group based around fashion and lifestyle without shared values of traditional subcultures
1.Being in the know, having knowledge of a particular scene (2 Words)
2.A group with a shared taste in dance music and clubbing
5.Institutions and processes are broken down into smaller parts
6.Movement around commitments or norms and values for example within identity
8.Cultural and ideological changes in the world focussing on ‘flux, flow and fragmentation. Increased importance given to signs, images, unconscious thoughts and plurality of ideas
10.logically connected; consistent
11.The meaning that a word suggests or means. For example, the word modern strictly means “belonging to recent times,” but the word's can be linked to such notions as “new, up to date, experimental.”
12.A famous study by Sarah Thornton (2 Words)
14.Based on individual will or judgment without restriction; random.

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