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1               2  
3                   4 5
9                       10                  
11 12                              
14                     15                 16  
17   18        
  22   23          

1.____ ______ was the Russion doctor who originally worked with dogs and developed the idea of Classical Conditioning (2 Words)
3.Those discriptions that focus on the creative side of human experience, such as art or literature
7.The attempt to replace aspects of an individual with new learnings
9.The scientific study of the development of the human species and of the various cultures and make up of humanity
10.The drive to satisfy needs and work for goals
11.Results in reforming or improving an offender
14.One of the names of the skull development
15.Proposition or theory that a researcher is trying to prove
19.The process by whice a child becomes a participating member of society
20.Important sociologist who observed that societies change over time (2 Words)
23.When reality is too unpleasent we may ____ its existance
24.A category of relatively mild disorders
25.Property and inheritance is passed down through males
2._______ ____________ occurs when reinforcement is given after the behaviour (2 Words)
4.In Maslow's needs Hierarchy, which is the lowest one?
5.Man and apes have a common ancestor
6.Analyses inner experiences and the mind
8.During the 1990's, the overall crime rate in Canada has _________
12.Frued believed that the conscious part of our mind is the ___
13.The systematic study of peoples thoughts, feeling and behaviours
16.The scientific study of the development structure and functioning of the human society
17.One of the two boys who was part of the Columbine Massacre (2 Words)
18.Founder of psychology (2 Words)
21.Extreme fears of certain objects or situations
22.One of the most important groups of socialization is

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