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CBT Final Exam

Melissa Chachulski, LMSW

1 2                         3 4 5
      7 8              
9     10                        
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      15 16         17
26               27                  

1.behavior that can not be directly observed (2 Words)
8.anything a person does
9.list of potential problems (2 Words)
11.person who demonstrates a behavior
14.actions that secure and maintain what one is entitled to without infringing on the rights of others (2 Words)
23.maladaptive behavior that is decreased in therapy (3 Words)
24.all external behaviors influences on behavior
25.process in which what is learned and practiced in one setting carries over to the other settings
26.measurement of the natural occurrence of a target behavior prior to treatment
27.phenomenon in which peoples behaviors change because they know they are being observed
2.behavior that can observed directly (2 Words)
3.reinforcers consisting of attention and affirmation from other people (2 Words)
4.reinforcer that can be purchased with tokens (2 Words)
5.list of potential problems
6.symbolic reinforcers
7.presenting an unpleasant or undesirable consequence that decreases the liklihood that a behavior will be repeated (2 Words)
10.in which a person behaves like a model who the person has observed
12.material objects that serve as reinforcers (2 Words)
13.the antecedents and consequences of a behavior that appear to be causing a behavior (2 Words)
15.treatment consisting of two or more therapy procedures (2 Words)
16.material objects that serve as reinforcers (2 Words)
17.removing an unpleasant consequence for a behavior, which increases the likelihood that the behavior will be repeated (2 Words)
18.two behaviors that cannot be performed simultaneously (2 Words)
19.events that occur as the result of a behavior
20.events that occur before a behavior
21.process of withdrawing or withholding reinforcers in order to decrease maladaptive behaviors
22.cue that reminds, instructs, or guides a client to perform a behavior

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