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Physics Study Guide 12/5/10

Tayler Maddox

Can you figure out all the clues to find the right word.

1 2 3
4 5                
6                     7   8     9    
    11                   12
13 14             15    
17     18              

5.When an object is continuously falling
6.Attraction of another body Ex: Humans walking on earth
8.The current average
10.An arrows whos length represants magnitude
11.When an object is at rest
14.Discovered two forces reject each other when pushed at the same time
16.Two forces being pushed by each other
17.Discovered friction
19.Was rejected for his theory by Christians and studied the universe
21.Objects measurement
22.Any influence that tends to accelerate an object
1.A force that pulls something down
2.Neglects the oppisite force
3.The measurement of an objects mass
4.How far an object can go
7.Rate of velocity being changed
9.A man tho droped one heavy and one light ball down and both hit the ground at the same time
12.The total amount
13.What keeps us from drifting in the sky
15.Speed together with the direction of motion
18.If you have a yoyo and the string breaks what happends to the yoyo?
20.Depending on what the object is

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