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Donald Plants

1 2   3                  
      4 5 6 7 8
  9     10                   11 12            
  13                                 14      
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          23   24        
27   28                       29            
      31     32
      33     34 35           36
38                       39            
  40                   41          
44               45          

2.a district where the entirew state is a district
10.minimum age for a House member
13.free mail for congressional business for members of Congress
16._________ is the inherent power to take private property for public use
17.number of years in a House member's term
18.Treaties can onl;y be approved bby the _________
19.The __________ is all of the money borrowed by the government and not yet repaid
21.The ________ powers are granted to Congress explicitly in the Constitution
23.Leader of the house
25.presidential dismissal of Congress
27.is the process by which citizens of one country become citizens of another
29.election when the President is not up for election
34.saying something to damage someone's reputation
38.__________ is any kind of money that a creditor must by law accept in payment for debts
39.minimum number of years as a citizen for a House member
40.One reason Federalism was chosen was the necessity to compromise the Virginia and New Jersey plans of representation.
41.A _________ grants a person the sole right to manufacture, use, or sell “any new and useful art, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter
42.The ________ powers are granted by reasonable deduction from the expressed powers
44._______ constructionists favor a broad interpretation of the powers given to Congress
45._______ constructionists argued that Congress should only be able to exercise its expressed powers only
46.because of the House and Senate, Congress is _________
1.people who are represented by an elected official
2.emergency meeting of Congress
3.minimum number of years as a citizen for a Senator
4.the act of drawing congressional districts to the advantage of a political party
5.writing something to damage someone's reputation
6.occurs every ten years
7.A __________ is the exclusive right of an author to reproduce, publish, and sell creative work
8.The ________ powers are granted through the Constitution’s creation of a National Government for the United States
9.____________ is the practice of spending more money than received in revenue and borrowing to make up the difference
12.congressional vote based on pleasing the constituency
14.Congress may tax only for ________ purposes
20.a function of congressional committees to supervise federal agencies
22.Direct taxes must be __________
24.Congress may not tax ________
26.a charge levied by government on persons or property to meet public needs
28.Time of service of an elected official
30.The ___________ power is the power of Congress to regulate interstate and foreign trade
31.The House has the sole power to ________, or bring charges against certain federal officials
32.congressional vote based on the merit of the bill
33.___________ is the legal proceeding in which a person’s assets are distributed among those to whom a debt is owe
35.Indirect taxes must be _________ at a uniform rate
36.minimum age for a Senator
37.congressional vote based on pleasing the party
41.leader of Senate after the Vice President
43.number of years in a Senator's term

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