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Plate Tectonics

Mr. Bennett

vocabulary from Ch. 4 in our textbook

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5.Wegener's supercontinent
10.Broken into two sections, the innermost part of Earth
11.Vibrations created by earthquakes
12.Seperate sections of the lithosphere
14.The transfer of heat within a material or between two things that are touching
16.The process by which the ocean floor sinks back into the mantle
19.A force pressing on an area
21.Breaks in Earth's crust where rocks have slipped past each other
22.The measure of how much mass there is an a volume of a substance
23.A layer of hot rock beneath the crust
24.Alfred _________, the scientist who proposed the theory of continental drift.
1.A devise that bounces sound waves off underwater objects and records the echo
2.The transfer of energy through space
3.A _____ ridge is an undersea mountain chain.
4.Any trace of an ancient organism preserved in a rock
6.Another name for a divergent boundary
7.The theory of plate _______ explains the formation, movement, and subduction of Earth's plates.
8.The "soft" layer of the mantle
9.The uppermost part of the mantle and the crust
13.A deep gorge along a spreading boundary
15.Heat transfer by the movement of a fluid
17.Another name for a convergent boundary
18.The outermost layer of Earth
20.Another name for a transform boundary

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