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global changes in the atmosphere

Kyle Yotter, Parker Semmler, Hallie Bishop

1 2
6   7                                

3.a greenhouse gas that we exhale (2 Words)
4.the layer in the atmosphere that protects us from the sun's ultraviolet rays (2 Words)
6.a major cause of ozone depletion is a group of compounds called______
8.during the droughts and floods of 1998 parts of this ocean were warmer than usual (2 Words)
10.gases in the atmosphere that trap energy (2 Words)
1.the gradual increase of the temperature in the earth's atmosphere (2 Words)
2.the hypothesis that human activities that add greenhouse gases to the atmosphere may be warming earth's atmosphere (2 Words)
5.the hole in the ozone layer (2 Words)
7.this climate occurs when water in the eastern pacific are colder than normal (2 Words)
9.this event begins when an unusual pattern of winds form over the western pacific (2 Words)

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