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Christmas Time

Angie Brohm

1 2 3
5                                   6
  8 9                
13   14 15       16  
    17 18                  
    19                 20  
24                   25                

4.The crooner of White Christmas (2 Words)
5.Dashing through the snow, in a ________ (4 Words)
9.You kiss someone under me
10.Light it, tinsel it, decorate it! (2 Words)
11.Santa's favorite snack (3 Words)
12.He's making a list, checking it _________
15.A typical Canadian Christmas dinner includes this
18.A child's favorite catalogue at Christmas (2 Words)
19.He lights the way
21.___________ Christmas and all through the house (4 Words)
22.Some churches are adorned with this (2 Words)
23.Tradition of visiting your neighbors Christmas Eve and drinking
24.He fills your stocking (2 Words)
25.The best day of the year to shop for deals! (2 Words)
1.Songs you sing at Christmas
2.Santa's little helpers
3.There were three (5 Words)
6.Decorate your door with this
7.The 7th reindeer
8.Charles Dickens wrote this in six short weeks (3 Words)
13.Kids open daily counting down to Christmas (2 Words)
14.A colorful plant used at Christmas to decorate
16.A popular beverage at Christmas time (2 Words)
17.Deck the halls with __________ (3 Words)
20.You use this to make a house or a man

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