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Chapter 17 Breakfast Cookery

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1.Sealing the surface of a pan with a layer of baked-on oil to prevent sticking.
3.A breakfast meat that comes from the side of a pig, and is cured and smoked for flavor.
8.A small individual baking dish.
11.A breakfast meat that is usually made from ground pork that has been seasoned and stuffed into casings.
12.A type of bread made from quick acting leavening agents. (2 Words)
15.French fries that are usually diced or sliced, served during breakfast. (2 Words)
18.Water has been removed.
20.A puffed egg dish that is baked in the oven.
22.Bread made in advance and delivered to restaurants. (3 Words)
25.French fried potatoes that are cut into 1/2 inch thick circles. (2 Words)
27.Also know as purpose
29.To use a rubber spatula to carefully mix the egg whites and batter to not lose volume.
31.Potatoes that are shredded and may include onions or seasonings. (2 Words)
32.The white of an eggs.
33.A breakfast meat that, in large quantaties, is often baked.
34.A flat open-face omelet.
35.Examples include bacon, ham, sausage, hash, and steak. (2 Words)
1.A type of quick bread similar to a biscuit that is often cut into a triangle shape.
2.Eggs covered with cream or milk and sometimes bread crumbs.
4.An egg specialty dish made of beaten eggs that are cooked without stirring.
5.Made from yeasted, sweetened dough with butter.
6.To separate
7.A small, round quick bread.
9.A quick bread made with egg and baked in a cupcake mold.
10.Food that is heated at very high temperatures for a short time to destroy bacteria.
13.Made from bread dough that is cut into rounds and then toasted. (2 Words)
14.An order of food in addition to what is served as the main dish. (2 Words)
16.This means that flavors and odors can be absorbed through the shell.
17.Also known as substitute
19.A breakfast meat that comes from a boneless pork loin. (2 Words)
21.Bread that has been dipped in a batter and then sauteed. (2 Words)
23.To be a sign of
24.And option for people with dietary concerns such as high cholesterol. (2 Words)
26.A pie crust filled with a mixture of egg, cream, cheese, and vegetables or meat.
28.A blend of grains, nuts and dried fruits.
30.A sweetened, deep fried pastry that often is ring-shaped.

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