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Italian Renaissance

Carol Nesler

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5.a cabinet-sideboard with doors and drawers intended for storage of linen, dishes, and silverware
6.Italian mountain chain
9.textile used for draperies and upholstery during the Renaissance
13.A town in Nothern Italy that was the center of both sericulture and silk weaving
14.Island city that is the center of Italy's glass industry
15.the raising of silkworms
17.artist who painted the frescos in the Sistine Chapel
23.Published the Four Books of Architecture
24.archtitect of the famous Dome in Florence
25.a type of earthenware, originally treated with an opaque white glaze to resemble highly prized porcelain from China
26.A chair that was composed of interlacng curved slats and usually had a carved wooden back and arms
27.a style that was full of motion and emotion
28.Monk who lead the Bonfire of the Vanities
1.the finest candles that were produced in Venice
2.a technique for imitating marble, used for columns, pilasters, molding and tabletops
3.Wealthy Italian family who were supportors of the arts and patronized Renaissance arts and artists
4.a chest or box of any kind
7.A Italian Armchair
8.the technique of creating decorative patterns or representation scens with small, thin pieces of wood or wood veneer
10.a group whose thinking revived a long-dormant appreciation of the pleasures of nature, the beauty of design, the joy of living, and the worth of the individual
11.Birthplace of the renaissance
12.designed a library at San Lorenzo to house the books of Lorenzo de' Medici
13.Italian bed
16.Adminstrative center of the Roman Catholic Church
19.Italian palaces and villas
20.a large cassone with a back and arms
21.Designed the Villa Capra or La Rotonda
22.A island in the Venetian lagoon where fine glassware is still made today

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