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Fergeson's Egyptian Gods and Goddesses


This puzzle can be used to test students on the web page at the Brittish Museum http://www.ancientegypt.co.uk/gods/explore/main.html and also with Ancient Civilizations Brain Teasers from Teacher Created Materials

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2.He has a ram head and is said to sculpt people out of the mud of the Nile
4.She is the household goddess prized for keeping rodents under control
9.She is the goddess of childbirth and looks like a lion and a dwarf
10.Atum came from this hill iout of the water of chaos
11.He is the god of the earth and brother of the goddess of the sky
12.Hapy, who has lotus on his head is the god of this, which is also known as flooding
14.This god is shown with the head of an Ibis.
19.Seth is said to be the god of chaos and has an animal head that is_________
20.Ma'at is the goddess of law, truth and order, which might also be called this
23.She is the goddess of the sky and protects her brother, the earth
24.She is know as the wife of Seth and mother of Anubis
25.According to this, the eye of Horus is a a symbol of renewal and protection
29.Tawaret is said to be the goddess of childbirth and has the head of this
30.Anubis was the god in charge of this process of preparing for the afterlife
32.He is the god that pharoahs are said to become when they enter the afterlife
33.Khepri, a was a creation god and has the head of this important Egyptian symbol
34.This god killed his brother Osiris and lost a battle with Horus
1.He is a hairless mummy-like figure holding a large tool
3.Osiris became the god of the this after his brother killed him
5.He is the god of embalming and has the head of a jackal
6.Is the goddess of measurement and writing and she wears animal print
7.These two gods were said to have been coughed and spat from their father's mouth
8.Aten, the sun god was the one and only god worshipped during this king's reign
13.Ptah is known as the god that created the arts and is also the god of these
15.Is the goddess of war and brings destruction to the enemies of Ra
16.Ths god is a combination of the gods Horus and Ra
17.He is the god of the Nile River, has lotus flowers on his head and makes the river flood
18.Thoth is said to be the god that gave the ancient Egyptians this important gift
21.He is known as the sun god
22.She is the goddess of love, music, dancing and beauty
26.Sobek was a Nile god and has the head of one of these
27.Horus is often represented as one of these or with the head of this creature
28.He is married to Isis and is the dad of Horus
31.Is the goddess of magic and healing

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