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All About Jane Austen

Lucy Hellerman

Anything and everything about Jane Austen and her novels.

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1.Original title of Pride and Prejudice (2 Words)
3.Austen's best friend and sister
7.Heroine of Pride and Prejudice (2 Words)
8.Family name of the heroine in Persuasion
9.____________ Abbey
10.Last of Austen's novels to be published (after her death)
13.Where Austen died
14.Emma's first love interest (2 Words)
17.Age Austen died at
18.Town Catherine visits with Mr. and Mrs. Allen
19.Heroine of Mansfield Park (2 Words)
21.Elinor and Marianne of Sense and Sensibility
2.First novel that Austen published (3 Words)
4.Austen's father's name
5.Era during which Austen did most of her writing (2 Words)
6.Lizzie's best friend who marries Mr. Collins
11.Town where Austen was born
12.first residence of the sisters in Sense and Sensibility (2 Words)
15.Mr. Darcy's estate
16.Henry and Mary in Mansfield Park
20.friend of Harriet and wife of Mr. Knightley

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