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WyoTech Factoids


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5.WyoTech offers studies in many different trades including: Automotive, Diesel, Collision, Motorcycle, HVAC, Electric, Plumbing, and ___.
9.The HVAC and ___ programs are designed to last 9 months with students taking classes 4 hours a day, 5 days a week.
10.Most WyoTech students complete their studies in less than ___ months (spell out the number).
11.When training in the electrical field, a student will take courses covering Advanced Industrial Controls, Introduction to Computerized Industrial Controls, Hazardous Location and Power Distribution, Test Equipment, and ___.
12.This is the only campus that offers the Marine Specialist program.
13.There are three WyoTech locations in this state.
14.Advanced Automotive Diagnostics is only offered at this campus.
15.A student with a Harley-Davidson Concentration is completing studies in this field.
16.A student in the Automotive Technology program with a focus in Street Rods and Custom Fabrication might get a job as a welder, fabricator, specialty shop technician, or ___.
1.A student in this program may get a job as a trim/upholstery shop owner, furniture upholsterer, airline/rv/yacht upholsterer, or a custom shop upholsterer.
2.A student taking classes covering blueprints and isometrics, potable water and gas piping systems, and drain waste and vent systems is training in this field.
3.The Career Services Department provides WyoTech students with ___-___ career assistance.
4.Through the use of industry-based advisory committees, employed graduate contacts, and faculty/industry interactions, WyoTech continually upgrades and modifies programs to enhance each graduate’s ___.
6.WyoTech has established rules and regulations concerning attendance, behavior and academic performance in classrooms, labs and shops. These rules are enforced and weekly grades are adjusted for ___ points.
7.Employers seek out WyoTech graduates because they've been trained to value attendance, on-time arrival and professional dress and overall appearance-the same values that are desirable in the workplace, as laid out the the ___.
8.A WyoTech current student or alumni might use this to show pride and let people know that, "I'm a Techer" (not a typo, spelled correctly).
12.Frank Dettmers, a Laramie faculty member, won this award from CCi in 2010

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