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CCi Factoids


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5.CCi acquired Heald Capital LLC (parent of Heald College) in what month in 2010?
8.CCi has over ___ schools in 25 different states (spell out the number).
9.CCi is one of the largest ___-___ providers of post-secondary education in North America.
10.Everest, WyoTech, and Heald College are the three schools that make up the ___ family.
13.The Chairman and CEO of CCI is Jack D. ___.
14.CCi's title on the NASDAQ.
16.According to the Statement of Cash Flows, CCi's Net Income (Starting Line) for the period ended 6/30/2010 was $145.97 ___.
17.As of September 30, 2010 there were over 113,800 students ___ in CCi schools.
18.Robert (Bob) Bosic is the Group President for this geographic area.
1.Through the Expand and Enhance Programs, the Instructional Development Team aims to explore new ways of capturing the interest and imagination of our students, often through ___.
2.This crazy-looking last name belongs to the Group President for the Online Division.
3.8. CCi Schools provide an education that is focused on the job-oriented needs of nontraditional students in a learning environment that fosters on-the-job success. We also go one step further by helping our ___ find the right jobs, and in the process, helping employers find the skilled workers they need.
4.This group of colleges was founded in 1863.
6.How many members are on the Board of Directors that oversees the Corporate Governance of CCi (spell out the number)?
7.This Committee’s role is to adopt and evolve systems, policies, processes and to ensure that Corinthian has the ability to fulfill its compliance commitments. They have developed new ways to measure achievement, implemented new training programs, and deployed resources to maintain a high level of compliance throughout our company.
11.CCi has a total of 16,800 of these with 6,300 of them acting as full or part-time faculty.
12.1995 is an important year for CCi because it is when this happened.
15.CCi has 17 schools in ___.
16.The ___ Factors of enrollement are affected by: increased demand for skilled labor, increased number of new high school graduates, perceived economic value of post-secondary education, increased opportunity for students to attend college, and increased budgetary constraints at public colleges.

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