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Egyptian Gods Crossword Puzzle

Riley Draper

A Crossword puzzle with egyptian Gods & Godesses

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1.woman with the ears of a cow and a sun disk headdress
5.man wearing a headdress with feathers a lion god of the air
6.woman with a headdress in the shape of a throne a pair of cow horns with a sun disk
8.man with the head of a hawk god of the sky
11.during the reign of akhenaten he was made the king of the gods
14.man carrying a bark the waters of chaos
15.he who is coming into being was the god of creation man with the head of a scarab
16.a woman with the head of a cat she was a protective goddess
18.egyptians belived he was the first god to exist
20.man with a jackal head the god of embalming
21.man with a ram head one of the most powerful gods in egypt
1.man with a pot belly, shown with water plants was the god of innundation
2.was a combination of two gods man with the head of a hawk with a sun disk headdress
3.dwarf with lion and human features was belived to protect against scorpion bites
4.man with the head of a curly horned ram god of innundation
7.was the god of the earth
9.a mumified man wearing a white cone like headdress with feathers
10.man wrapped in a tight white cloak carrying a staff
12.protective goddess of the dead woman with a headdress showing her name in hieroglyphs
13.woman whos body arches across the sky wearing a dress decorated with stars
17.man with a hawk head and headdress with a sun disk he was the sun god
19.woman with a feather on her head she was the goddess of truth

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