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2           3         4         5        
  6                       7        
10                       11         12  
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    15                   16        
  18                               19          
  20             21               22                        
23 24 25     26                                   27    
    29     30        
31                   32     33      
34       35              
37                           38 39                      
40           41                   42         43      
44       45           46
47                               48                
  49       50 51     52      
53                 54                        
  55               56    

2.using one’s hands to move the subject away
4.the gross removal of an appendage
6.a condition that prevents a weapon from operating
7.the longest and strongest bone in the human body
10.capacity for carrying out an intention to cause death or great bodily harm
11.United States Department of Transportation
13.results when the loss of rolling friction causes loss of traction;
15.increasing the use of force or resistance
18.a loss of peripheral vision and depth perception
19.the final phase of pregnancy;
20.side-stepping to avoid an attack
21.a bone break
22.technique used to reload in a tactical situation
25.organs protrude from the abdominal cavity
28.closed injury that evidences as a discolored lump
31.time that ammunition can be expected to be reliable
34.pursuit termination technique
36.used to identify different cartridge
37.the excessive cooling of the body’s core temperature
39.a highly infectious airborne disease
40.portion of the cartridge that becomes a projectile
41.an open wound in soft tissue
42.the second stage of labor
45.bullet-resistant barrier
47.techniques used to control resistant behavior by utilizing pain compliance
48.an injury characterized by a flap of skin
51.supporting the balance of the body using a limb
53.causing the lips, palms, and nail beds to turn blue
54.a subject acts verbally and physically as if he or she may resist
55.an obvious discoloration
56.automated external defibrillator
57.damage to part of the brain due to the rupture or blockage
1.a reasonably perceived, imminent threat to an officer or another person
2.the transfer of a vehicle’s weight from side to side
3.the exchanging of information
4.results from the narrowing of airway passages
5.relinquishing of a right or interest with the intention of never again claiming it
8.reactionary techniques using the arms
9.the maintenance of sight alignment
12.the most common chronic bloodborne infection;
14.a bone comes out of its socket at the joint
16.gives the body shape, protects internal organs
17.head is over the hips, and the hips are over and between the feet;
23.indicate the caliber or gauge and identify the manufacturer
24.straighten from a turn when the driver releases the steering wheel
26.he or she is ready and able to take control
27.the ability to see clearly in darkness
29.decreasing the use of force or resistance
30.a government intrusion into a place
32.force that is not intended to cause death
33.capacity a subject has to carry out his or her intent
35.occurs when the body cannot recover from fluid loss
38.temporary restraining devices
43.the movement in a hip escape;
44.the center point of any curve
46.measurement of shotgun bores
49.sharpness of vision
50.distance from the center to the outside of a circle
52.a system of sorting and classifying of patients

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