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Review for Civics Final Exam

Marcia Bedard

This puzzle reviews material you need to know for your final exam.

1 2 3
  4 5               6
9 10                  
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        14 15  
      16                 17  
              18 19 20
    21             22   23          
        24             25            
  27 28         29                 30      
31             32                            
                35 36            
38 39               40       41
43                               44    

5.voter must ______________ at least 28 days before the election
7.written false statement that hurts a persons reputation
8.second Illinois capital
10.organized groups who seek to influence lawmakers
12.the general trial courts in Illinois
16.elections held before general election to select party candidates
21.Appellate Court justices are elected for ________ ________ terms
25.Circuit court justices are elected by the voters for ______ ______ terms
26.the main body of the state legislature is called the _________ _____________.
29."necessary and proper" clause
31.exercises the powers delegated to him by the governor
33.Illinois senators term is __________ years
34.presides over the US Senate when the Vice Pres. is absent
36.voter must be a _______________.
39.a proposed law
42.location of the present day Illinois capial
43.Illinois Senate tries these cases
45.If the governor vetoes a bill, the General Assembly must then pass the bill by a _______ ________ vote in both houses
46.persuades party members to vote for party sponsered bills
47.Illinois was admitted to ____________ in 1818
48.voter must live in the district for at least ________ days.
1.Illinois has 59 __________
2.a permanent committee
3.responsible for the safekeeping and investments of monies and securities deposited with him
4.a bill can start in ___________ house
6.making a false statement to hurt a person's reputation
9.guides the party's bill through Congress
11.means two houses
12.only _____________ can declare war
13.the Illinois house has 118 ________________
14.branch that makes the laws
15.citizen cannot be punished for a crime until the law has been fairly applied to the case
17.hears appeals from the Illinois Circuit Courts
18.location of Illinois' first state capital
19.John Roberts position in the US Supreme Court
20.a majority of its members
22.leader of the US House of Representatives
23.presiding officer of the Illinois senate
24.maintains the official records of the acts of the General Assembly
27.explains or intreprets the law
28.there are ____________ Illinois Supreme Court justice
30.Illinois Senate must approve __________ made by the governor
32.Lisa Madigan, this is the chief legal officer of Illinois
35.vote needed by both houses of the General Assembly to overturn a veto by the Governor
37.voters are sometimes asked to vote on public issues or _______________
38."talking a bill to death"
40.a voter must be at least _____________ years old on election day
41.vote needed by both houses of Congress to overturn a Presidential veto
44.Illinois House has sole power to __________ impeachment proceedings

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