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Egyptian gods and goddess

Jayme S

hard medium easy and fun

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1.man wrapped in a tight white CLOTH
5.woman with a feather on her head
7.man that lies beneath the sky goddess
11.____ was a pot bellied man with a lotus flower in his hair
12.woman with ears of a cow
13.woman married to seth
15.man wrapped ina tight white CLOAK
16.man with a jackal-head
19.man with head of a hawk
20.woman with the head of a lioness in a white dress
21.man with head of a scarab beatle
23.man with hawk haed
26.bes was a dwarf with____ and human features
28.goddess of the sky geb lies beneath her
29.man with a ram-head
30.man with feathers for a headress
2.man with head of a crocadile
3.god of sun or horizon
4.was the godof chaos and killed osiris
6.goddess with head of a hippo
8.hapy was a pot bellied man with a _____ flower in his hair
9.god of writing and knowledge
10.woman head of a loiness
14.woman with a star headress
17.woman with the head of a cat
18.man with head of a curly horned ram
22.woman with headress in the shape of a throne
24.man with a double crown
25.a sun disk with rays which end in hands
27.the ocean of chaos is

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