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Name that Christmas movie


Christmas movies

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9.Based on a classic Christmas song you better not cry about his list he checked twice.
14.Baby Buddy is raised by elves and saves christmas for his real dad that is on the naughty list
15.The snowman comes to life and brings joy.
16.An old, weak donkey is sold to parents of Jesus on their way to Bethlehem.
17.Young boy is forgotten at home as his large family flies off to celebrate Christmas.
18.Santa crash lands on the island of Madagascar and gets help from the animals stranded there.
1.The story of the birth of Jesus
2.A spoilt brat must get home 4 Christmas or lose his prized Porsche only to realize the true prize is family.
3.Cindy Lou Who melts a scrooges' heart with her belief in Santa.
4.The story of Jesus Christ from nativity to the cross.
5.The red nosed reindeer helps Santa in the fog.
6.Little girl lives on 34th street and receives a miracle
7.Ebineezer hates Christmas until he is visted by three ghosts.
8.This magical train only takes the most special children to the North Pole.
10.Three rodents' home is chopped down as a Christmas tree and they become pop music stars.
11.Veggie tales businessmen steal pageant set to use in their own play.
12.One man wishes he had never been born only to realize he has been important in many lives.
13.Young ballerina defends her favorite present from the rats and gains a prince

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