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Jungle Book Crossword

by Collin Smith

Swing with the munching monkeys and play this Jungle Book game! This fun-filled crossword puzzle has a bunch of challenging words to find -- all based on the Jungle Book story.

1 2      
      4 5
  7                   8  
  13             14  
15     16        

2.You need a spray to get rid of them
3.Joins the jungle with the city
7.You never want to mess with this man-eating tiger
9.A tropical paradise
11.Evil Boone made Kitty a _______
13.Always knows how to heal an injury
15.Creepy things commonly found in jungles
17.What Mowgli felt for Kitty
1.This sinking floor hides under the vines
2.This fast panther always knows what to do at the right time
3.Nice and cuddly; follows Mowgli's directions
4.Monkeys swing on them
5.He was raised with wolves
6.Fun activity where Kitty and Mowgli dance and fall in love
8.These creatures are crazy about bananas
10.Leader of the army
12.An evil soldier with dangerous weapons
13.What Boone uses to keep him alive
14.Mowgli uses this to defeat the evil snake that guards the treasure
16.A beautiful girl who is as cute as a flower

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