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Ancient Greece

Kevan Brown

1 2
3     4              
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      16                 17
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  27     28          
30                 31 32               33      
34                 35           36    
37               38   39         40  
  42     43              
45                   46             47        

3.mathematician and engineer
6.messenger of the gods
7.alexander was this
8.new artistic technique used to show dimensions
10.type of play Menander wrote
13.new idea that considered humans to be the center of existence
15.queen of the gods
16.father of history
18.an open-air theatre
21.god of the sea
23.altar where sacrifices were performed on stage
24.greek satyrical writer
28.goddess of war
29.very common type of everyday art in greece
30.added a third actor to a performance
32.greek statesman who funded the arts
33.god of war
34.type of government started in Greece
35.wrote oedipus
37.god of the moon
39.type of play that Sopholcles wrote
41.oedipus's wife and mother
43.another word for "goat song"
44.king of the gods and heavens
45.where the chorus sang and performed
46.where the olympics were held
47.to hell with this god!
48.god of music
49.a city state
1.wrote the poetics which set up rules for tragedies
2.goddess of the home
4.father of medicine
5.polis where the acropolis exists
9.having more than one god
11.god of fire
12.goddess of love
14.oedipus's daughter
17.building used as a dressing room in greek theatre
19.developed a mathmatical formula of a perfect human sculpture
20.soldiers who fought often with the Athenians
22.goddess of harvest
25.a building on top of the acropolis
26.a person who could speak directly to the gods
27.a song sung by the chorus in greek theatre
30.greek ruler who defeated the Persians
31.god of wine and celebration
36.Pericles could be considered the first one of these (think Obama)
38.where the chorus would exit
39.considered the first actor
40.a polis that was know for an oracle who spoke to zeus
42.antigone's uncle

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