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1 2
3   4      
    6 7     8  
9 10   11          
13         14              
    15   16         17
19           20 21
  22                     23      
25                   26   27    
29         30   31   32              
  35       36    
37           38              

4.Frosty makings
5.Babes in _____
6.____ Bells
11.Crooner of "White Christmas"
13.Little girl role in "The Nutcracker"
16.Young Miss Walker in "Miracle on 34th Street"
18.Narrator of "Frosty the Snowman"
22.voice of 1966 version of Grinch
24.David Krumholtz's elfen role
25.He was Clark Griswold
29.Cousin Eddy was from this state
32.Happy ___
33.He was Ralphie Parker
36.Cindy ____ Who
37.Circle of Evergreen
38.Rudy's beak
1.Box marking for fine Italian art
2.Bad boys and girls get this
3.she was Mary in "It's a Wonderful Life"
7.She was Sister Mary in "The Bells of St. Mary's"
8.Spiked with Rum
9.Bob Cratchit's youngest child
10.We ______ Kings
12.Grandma got ran over by these
14.Rosemary Clooney role
15.douglas fir, frasier fir, scotch pine, etc.
17.Home Alone's family intended destination
18.Tis the season to be ________
19.Vera Ellen role
20.Lucy and Linus
21.Marley's partner
23.Crosby's dancing rival in "Holiday Inn"
26.Hung by the chimney with care
27.What the Parkers ate for Christmas dinner
28.deck the ___
30.Santa's mode of transportation
31.state where "White Christmas" is set
34.She went to Bethlehem
35.John McLane's destination (abbrv)

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