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Legal & Ethical Principals of Nursing

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3.Values that are relevant to human conduct.
5.Serious offense resulting in penalty of imprisonment of one year or more.
8.________ consent is when a patient agrees to allow something to happen.
9.Law enacted by Legislative bodies.
11.Offense resulting in penalty of fine/imprisonment of one year or less.
15.A specific genre of ethics in the health care system.
17.Guides us to measure the effect or consequences that an act will have.
20.Written information that could potentially damage someone's reputation.
21.Keeping personal information private.
22.There are ____ steps to processing an Ethical Dilemma.
23.Necessary for patient assessments, interventions and evaluations.
25._________ laws are concerned with acts that threaten society but may involve only an individual.
28.Injurious or unprofessional actions that harm another.
30.A person's independence
31.Conduct falling below acceptable standards of a reasonably prudent person.
1.Intentional threat that gives someone fear of harmful contact.
2.Spoken false information that could potentially damage someone's reputation.
4.Law in which informed consent is decided.
6.Beliefs and attitudes that are important to someone and influence their daily decisions.
7.An occurence report is also known as an ______ report.
9.Good _______ Law encourages health care providers to assist in emergencies.
12.Actions as right or wrong.
13.Do NO harm
16.Possessing the knowledge and skills necessary to perform a task.
18.Striving to keep promise(s).
19.Promotion of good
24.Providing patients information to make decisions and then supporting those decisions.
26.________ wills instruct health care providers to withhold/withdraw life.
27.Intentional touching without consent or lawful justification.
29.Act causing injury in which injured party can bring civil action.

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