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Christmas around the World

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1.The American gift giver who wears a red suit and rides on a sleigh pulled by reindeer
3.A Swedish man who dresses in red and flies on a sleigh pulled by Julbocker
6.A place where Santa Claus lives
8.A beautiful girl anger from Austria or Switzerland who comes down from heaven bearing gifts.
9.January 6, the day when christmas is celebrated in Italy and Russia
10.A country where Old Bishop Sinterklass arrives on a white horse on December 6th.
2.A German nam who travels with hos helper Knecht Ruprecht. He gives good children presents while his helper punishes bad childre with the hit of a switch.
4.A famers wife who brings children presents on the eve of Epiphany in Russia
5.Old Bishop Sinterklasses's assistant who carries bad children away in his black sack
7.A good witch who brings children presents in Italy

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