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Freudian Vocab

Nathan Eades

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4.a defense mechanisim involving the use of self-justification to explain away unacceptable behavir, impulses or ideas
8.the second stage of psychosexual development, during which sexual gratification is centered on process of elimination *learining to go potty*
10.the governing principle of the ego that takes into account what is pratical and acceptable in satisfying basic needs
13.fith and final stage of psychosexual development, which begins around puberty and corresponds to the deveopment of mature sexuality and emphasis on procreation
15.a defense mechanism involving behavior that stands in opposition tio one's true motives and desires so as to prevent conscious awarness of them
19.Adler;s theory, the self-aware part of personality that organizes goal-seeking effforts
20.the part of the mind whose contents can be brought to awareness through focused attention
21.a defense mechanism in which na unacceptable sexual or aggressive impulse is transferred to an object or person that is safter or less threatening than the origional object of the impulse
22.a type of defense mechanism involving motivated forgetting of anxiety-envoking material
25.Adler's theory of the feelings of inadequacy or inferiority in young children that influence their developing personalities and create desires to over come
26.psychic structure existing in the unsconscious that contains our basic animal impulses
27.parts of the body that are especially sensitive to sexual or pleasureable stimulation
29.Adler's theory of personality, which emphasizes the unique potential of each individual
30.In Horney's theory, a deepseated form of anxiety in children that is associated with feelings of being isolated and helpless in a world perceived as potentiallythreatening and hostile.
31.personality type characterized by messiness, lack of self-disipline, and carelessness
32.Jung's term for the primitive images contained in the collective unconscious that reflect ancestral or universal experiences of human beings
34.defense mechanism involving the channeling of unacceptable impulses into socially sactioned behaviors or intrests
35.part of the mind coresponding to the state of present awareness
36.unconscious fear of removal of the penis as punishment for having unacceptable sexual impulses
37.Freud's theory of personality, which holds that personality and behavior are shaped by unconscious forces and conflicts
38.jealousy of boys for having a penis
39.Jung's term for an unconscious region of mind comprising a reservoir of the individual's repressed mrmories and impulses
40.constellations of personality traits characteristic of a perticular stage of psychosexual development, resulting from either excessive or inadequate gratification at that stage
41.relativly stable constellation of psychological characteristics and behavioral patterns that account for individuality and consistency over time
1.psychic structure that corresponds to an internal moral guardian or conscience
2.a personality type characterized by perfectionism and excessive needs for self-control as expressed through extreme neatness and punctuality
3.a defense mechanism involving the failure to recognize a threatening impulse or urge
5.part of the mind that lies outsie the range of ordinary awareness and contanes primitive drices *unacceptable urges, wishes or ideas*
6.fourth stage of psychosexual development, during which sexual impulses remain latent or dormant
7.the reality-disorting strategies of the ego to prevent awareness of anxiety-evoking or troubling ideas or impulses
9.the thrid stage of psychosexual development, marked by erotic attention on the phallic region, and the development of the Oedipus complex
11.defense mechanism involving the projection of one;s own unacceptable impulses, wishes, or urges onto another person
12.term given by some psychodynamic theorists to the form of the Oedipus complex in young girls
14.a governing principle of the ID that is based on demand for instant gratifcation without regard to social rules or customs
16.psychic structure that attemptst to balance the instinctual demands of the ID with social relities and expectations
17.the psychological complex in which the young boy or girl devlops incestuous feeling toward the parent of the opposite gender and perceives the parent of the same gender as a rival
18.in Jung;s theory, a part of the mind containing ideas and archetypal images shared among humankind that have been transmittted genetically from ancestral humans
23.Adler's term for the motivation to compensate for feelings of inferiority. Also called the will-to-power
24.In Horney's theory, deep feelings of resentment that children may harbor tward their parents
28.the first stage of psychosexual development, during which the infnat seeks sexual gratification through oral stimulation *sucking, mouthing,and biting*
33.a defnese mechanism in which an individual, usually under high levels of stress, reverts to a behavior characteristic of an earlier stage of development

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