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Japanese New Years and Zodiac

Kevin Michael O'Neill

This includes the animals of the Japanese Zodiac and some things that are important for New Years in Japan.

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1.This animal doesn't have any legs but it moves on the ground and has a bite.
2.This is a Buddhist place of worship Japanese people go to on New Years Eve.
5.This mythological animal can fly and breath fire.
6.This is the animal we get our milk from.
8.This is a Shinto place of worship Japanese people go to on New Years Eve or Day.
9.Japanese children are given this gift on New Years Day.
10.This is a kind of pig that has long sharp teeth called tusks.
11.This animal tastes good and you can buy some at KFC (Kentucky Fried _____).
13.This animal has sharp teeth, claws and stripes.
14.This animal likes to eat hay.
1.People make clothing out of the wool that comes from this animal.
3.This is a food Japanese people eat made of rice around New Years.
4.This animal likes to eat cheese and says "Squeak squeak".
7.This animal has long ears and loves carrots.
9.This is an animal that can live in trees and probably likes bananas.
11.This is what most people throw into the boxes at a shrine before praying.
12.Some say this is man's best friend... except, in South Korea it could be lunch.

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