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1 2 3
4 5      
  8       9                  
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  21   22            

6.FLW built a hotel that survived a major earthquake, in what major city?
7.FLW designed magazine covers (True or False)?
8.What is the name of first building in North America to be made entirely of cast reinforced concrete?
10.How many of FLW children became architects?
11.Where is the government complex FLW designed?
12.Which of FLW designed was first built?
13.What did FLW label use for the houses built from 1899 to 1910?
14.Which FLW house has stared in eighteen movies?
17.What important Prairie residential complex was a composition of five linked structures?
19.In 1927 FLW went to AZ to consult on what famous luxury hotel?
22.The windows in the Avery Coolnley Playhouse draw on what children’s theme
23.What Prairie house has the most resplendent collection of stained glass?
24.What is the name of FLW personal House in WI?
1.Where did FLW get his Architectural Degree?
2.Besides Failing water what other design did FLW build for Edgar J Kaufmann?
3.What is the tallest building FLW ever built?
4.Which of FLW children designed Lincoln Logs?
5.In what building did FLW use glass tubing for both natural and artificial lighting?
7.What did FLW think was his greatest building?
9.Did FLW design Gas Stations?
15.Which house designed by FLW is famous for its dramatic use of cantilevering?
16.Which Prairie house became known in Germany as Dampfer (Ocean liner)?
18.Where was FLW textiles houses built?
20.3. What did FLW call the houses he built for the United States of North America
21.What building did FLW introduce the wall hung toilet

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