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2     3       4   5            
8           9   10 11  
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18     19                                    

2.To reduce from the standard deductible
4.portion of a building below ground on all 4 sides
6.naturally occurring area protecting the coast from severe wave wash
14.Condo building with 5 or more units and at least 3 floors
16.For standard policies, this recently went from $35 to $40
19.Single family dwelling in which an insured resides 80% of the year
20.Initial phase of community's participation in the NFIP
21.land area susceptible of being inundated by flood waters from any source
1.Detached garage servicing a single family dwelling
3.A structure that has two or more outside rigid walls and a secured roof
5.What FEMA does to a community not enforcing the proper floodplain management
7.diagram 9
9.A change in the FHBM or FIRM for a community which reflects the zone, etc.
10.Diagram numbers 3 and 4
11.lowest or highest finished ground level adjacent to a bulding's walls
12.townhouse/rowhouse and single family detached condo buildings
13.If this type of building is in a SFHA, most often an EC is needed
15.Unpublished rates used for policies that are missing valid rating information
17.Apartment buildings fall under this occupancy
18.On or before Dec. 31, 1974

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