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#104.06 Fireground Accountability

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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4.When arriving at the apparatus to respond on the alarm, each member of the crew should hand their personal accountability tag to the officer and the officer should place the tag on the collector ____
6.Each District apparatus should have a collector ring located in the ___
7.Engines, Ladder Truck, and Med Units - Officer Side "A" ____
10.Each fire fighter is issued a personal accountability tag at the time of their _____
11.On one person crew responses such as a tanker or brush truck response, the person should take a moment to place their personal accountability tag on the _____ ring
12.The PAS V binder is designed so that it can be hung up by two hooks that are provided on top of the ____
13.Brush Trucks & Tankers - Center of ____
1.The PAS V accountability binder is a commercial system that we found was easily adaptable to our system of accountability. It is a yellow binder that provides a method for managing the collector rings from the apparatus in an organized manner. The binder is located in the rear of the _____ vehicle under the dry erase board
2.All _____ entering or leaving the scene after LEVEL II ACCOUNTABILITY has been initiated must report in or out through the ACCOUNTABILITY OFFICER
3.Level I Accountability begins with the response of the _____ whether it is a still alarm or a multi-unit response
5.The Safety/Accountability _____ should be responsible for collecting the apparatus collector rings and placing them on the PAS V binder according to the crew assignments
8.The purpose of fire ground accountability is to provide a system that guarantees that all personnel on the emergency scene are _____ for
9.All outside support ____ should go through the Command Post when entering the scene and when they leave also

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