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Music in the Romantic Era

Debbie Davidson

A puzzle to review topics covered in the Romantic Era. Use Enjoyment of Music to help you find answers.

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2.music that tells a story
5.A movement where artists imitated the styles and sounds of far-off lands
6.A composer known for his songs
8.The composer regarded as "the poet of the piano."
9.Creator of Symphonie Fantastique
11.borrowing time
12.A very patriotic opera by Verdi, whose chorus is an Italian patriotic song
14.a melody that is fixed
1.The name of the revolution that allowed instruments to be created cheaply
3.the collective name given to the symphony, sonata, and concerto of the 19th century
4.A little night music for piano
6.A composer who married Fanny
7.a famous German poet
10.a river in Bohemia that inspired Smetana
13.a song of German origin

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