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Degrassi Characters


1 2   3   4
      5 6  
7         8     9         10  
12       13            
15       16          
18 19 20      
21       22        
23 24        
    25     26 27
28 29   30 31              
32           33       34     35 36      
              38 39  
  40               41           42        
    43 44   45          
48             49    

2.Dated Jay
7.Threw Adam
8.Dated J.T. when he died
9.Dave wanted to date her
11.Holly J tries to have sex with him
12.Ellie moved in with him
13.On-Off relationship with Craig
15.Became principal when Mrs. H left
16.Caught making out with Mr. Simpson (2 Words)
20.Stole prescription drugs
21.Dated Terri
22.Killed J.T.
23.Pours pee on locker
31.Derek framed him for shoplifting
32.Dated Emma after she broke up with Sean.
33.Paige's bestfriend
35.Met Jimmy in physical therapy
37.Mom died when she was little
40.Damian cheats on Emma with her
41.Godson of Mr. Simpson
42.Was homeschooled, transferred in grade 10
45.Mom was alcoholic
46.Son's name is Jack (2 Words)
47.There when J.T. died
48.Meth Girl's (Victoria) cousin
49.Broke into pawnshop
51.Took Declan's jacket
52.Bullied by Owen
53.Was a fan of P.J. J.T.
1.Hates her dad because of her past
2.Makes a 'hate' page
3.Pregnancy scare with Sean
4.Pee poured on his locker
5.Spinner's bestfriend
6.Dated Alex
10.Hosts Robot Wars after he graduated
13.Student teacher for Mr. Perino
14.Car smashed by Paige
15.First kiss was Mia
17.Coach gives him beers
18.Hazed by Riley
19.Brought Spinner into Friendship Club
20.Starts Clare's boob job rumor
24.Mom has cancer
25.Cheats on Emma
26.Got someone arrested
27.One of the four at Dead Hand concert
28.Goes to Vanderbilt Prep
29.Jimmy's first girlfriend
30.Has a thing for smart girls
32.Dad died in car crash
33.Unseen character
34.Jane's brother
36.Took steroids
38.Shared a locker with Mia (2 Words)
39.Uncle is a teacher
41.Dave's cousin
43.Jenna got diet pills from this person
44.Has ADD

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