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Maniac Magee

By Jaime Wallberg

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2.The look of the McNab's house
6.What the McNabs constructed in their dining room
9.Name of the girl who gave Magee a book
11.Guy that lives in the red brick, bile-green window shades, three-story house
13.Word to describe Maniac Magee novel
14.Friend of Magee that dies five days after Christmas
15.Magee feels like that when he lived with his aunt and uncle
16.A type of food that Magee is allergic to
17.Corner Grocery where Magee won the prize when he untangled the knot
19.Kid that Mars Bar rescued from a bridge
20.First name of McNab, a local beisball star
22.Name of the pitch that Earl Grayson discovered when he played in the Texas League
24.First name of the baddest kid in the East End
25.Name of the street that divides black East End from white West End
28.Nickname of Jeffrey Lionel Magee
30.Something that Magee teaches Earl Grayson to do
31.Name of Amanda's brother
1.State where the story takes place
3.Author who wrote Maniac Magee
4.Something Magee is really good at
5.At the end of the story, Magee went to live with this family
7.Name of the church that Magee and the Beales went every Sunday
8.Place where Magee was born
10.One of John McNab’s brother
12.River where Magee's parents died
18.What did Magee buy with the money that Grayson gave him to buy Butterscotch Krimpets
21.Gang of the McNab’s brothers
23.Magee’s middle name
25.Name of Amanda's sister
26.How old was Magee when he first became an orphan
27.Gift that Magee gave to the baby buffalo in Christmas
29.Amanda’s last name

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